Tabitha's Story: The Fashionista

Life’s journey has definitely been filled with ups and downs for me. And at this very moment, I am not quite sure where I’m going.  All I know for sure is that I have to keep pursuing a better life and never quit. I am educated in the fields of fashion and international business. I have been in the field of fashion since I was 20 with previous volunteering experience when I was in college.


When I got my first job in the fashion industry I was not sure at all what I really wanted to do. I was the youngest in my office and was quite overwhelming. True to the fashion industry, it was sink or swim, as if I had only one day of training. The job didn't last long, but it taught me how to deal with different personalities and proper office skills. Finding a job after that was extremely difficult so I began freelancing via fashion agencies, which I currently still do.


During this time of frustration when I was sitting at home with nothing to do, I began to research blogging. My mother had encouraged me to start a blog but I was never sure. I thought the industry of blogging was already oversaturated. Although with research and encouraging words from my mom I decided to go for it.


In January of 2016, I created Concreteislandista, a blog that covers fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty topics as well as the concrete island of Manhattan. When I look back at when I was in college, I definitely thought I would be established in the fashion industry already and I never thought I'd start a blog. Although starting a blog has been one of the best decisions of my life.


I liked writing when I was younger, although with age you can forget that you enjoyed something. Blogging helped me rediscover how much I truly like expressing myself through written word. I’m naturally more of an introvert who learned to be an ambivert thanks to the tough fashion industry. Although it still takes me a few minutes to want to talk to someone or go somewhere. With blogging I found I could express myself faster and clearer, writing would become my outlet for anything I felt like saying.


Blogging has allowed me to meet people that have given me great opportunities. Relationships are key when you are venturing out on your own, remember that. In my first year of blogging, I met the creator and owner of Latinista, a brand that uplifts Latino designers. We have grown our relationship into a friendship and I have worked with her as the Editorial Manager of her magazine as well as a temp for her Public Relations company. All this came from a single meeting during a blogger meetup in my first year of blogging.


Blogging has also helped me realize that I’m supposed to be in the field of editing or social media. I’ll take an opportunity in these fields with or without fashion, although fashion will always be my first love. So with that realization, I’ve been gearing my focus towards the editorial world instead of just fashion. I may not know where I’m going just yet in my career but thanks to blogging I have a bit more of a direction.


I’ve also begun to expand my blog with a vlog on youtube. Each year that I work on my blog I expand it with new ideas. Whether it be writing about new topics, blogging or vlogging in another language or attending more events, blogging allows you to expand your horizons.


Life doesn't always go the way you planned, although life always turns out the way its suppose to be. If you don't give up on your dreams and work hard life will somehow put you where you are supposed to be.


Meet Tabitha

Concreteislandista was created by Tabitha Serrano. Raised as a little girl in the tri-state area she learned to love the arts with various trips to the area’s museums. Tabitha also loves to travel and has lived in Italy and traveled to Spain. She has visited a few U.S. states including California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Connecticut in search of fashion, art and culture, but finds home in the NJ and NYC area. Tabitha has her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in International Business. Before her graduation date she was hired in the fashion industry in New York City and from that point on has worked various jobs and currently freelances in the fashion industry. In January 2016 she created the blog Concreteislandista from a need to share her trips to fashion exhibitions and her love of New York City. With her inside look into the fashion industry and ability to work in the city she was in a prime position to write about anything fashion and New York City related. As her blog has grown into a business Tabitha has been able to work with other bloggers, makeup artists, designers and more. Her love of writing has afforded her opportunities to write for others and expand her career. Being so, she is currently the Editorial Manager for She loves being able to bring fashion, travel, lifestyle and NYC to the forefront for those who can’t get to the concrete island.



Twitter: @ts2293

Pinterest: @tabis93