Ten Days, 2,200 Miles.


You know those cities that you have a preconceived picture of? Typically, New York City, Paris, and cities like that. Well, in the past 10 days I had the opportunity to explore two cities that I had a very specific image of.

First up, Aspen Colorado. My picture of Aspen was pretty spot on. When I think of Aspen I picture something more European and less American. I felt like I was in the North Pole, there was a quaint cottage everywhere you turned, with a cute and incredible downtown that did not disappoint.

With two-weeks notice, I got a call asking if I’d be interested in flying out to Aspen to work a 4-day Cocktail Festival. Um, duh. I had the privilege of working the festival in Delray Beach, Florida last summer and was ecstatic to get to not only travel to a new city but to work this event again.

You know when they say never pass up on an opportunity; this was one of those moments. I called a few friends and they were all busy but somehow one of my favorite people who had actually worked in Delray with me dropped everything to fly out with me. This was a trip of a lifetime and fingers crossed they need a few Floridians for Après Ski Cocktail Classic 2019.



Next, Nashville, Tennessee. Now, this trip wasn’t spontaneous and had been planned for about two months but was no less amazing. Nashville, music city, home of country music, I think of Nashville I think of country music. I have heard amazing things about Nashville from everyone who went, and I couldn’t wait to find out for myself.

With big lights, tons of people, and music on every corner, I fell in love with music city. Recently, it seems every influencer I have been admiring lives in Nashville. Stephanie May Wilson, Delight HQ, and endless bloggers I was so excited to see what it was all about. Not to mention everyone raved about Nashville’s food. Of course, most notably Biscuit Love. I, a food fanatic, brought great disappointment to my foodie dad by ordering a non-specialty item when at a Food Network phenomenon. However, I was still able to try one of their specialties and it did not disappoint. 

Each place you went was an experience. What we thought to be a local BBQ joint turned out to be an amazing rooftop bar with games and live music. A seemingly normal bar on a side street ended up being our favorite place to go out and surprisingly recommend the $2 Beaver Brew for a good time. While I can’t possibly sum up everything we did in Nashville what I can say is bull riding is not my specialty.

Nashville, I will be back and can’t wait to see what else you got.