Her Life Travels: Savannah, GA

There's one thing every girl loves, and that's a girls trip. I was introduced to a wonderful group of girlfriends this spring and about a month later we embarked on my first girls trip to Savannah, Georgia. 


This trip was a Christian Women's Retreat to further our journey in faith and further our friendships. Tara was our trusted guide and she definitely didn't disappoint. The best part is we had hours of laughter, smiles and tough conversations that brought us that much closer. 


Being a tourist is always fun despite the stereotypes. We got to explore some major landmarks in Savannah and I'm already looking forward to going back next year. From the Davenport House to Wormsloe Plantation we covered a lot in just 48 hours. 


I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the weekend, so if you decide to explore Savannah, you have some ideas of things to do. 

Davenport House

This house was restored after lots of other historic homes were torn down. If you want a glimpse at southern history, this is a cool place to check out. 

Thrift Shops

Have you ever gone thrifting? Picture a movie montage of a significant try-on session in the dressing rooms, that's what happened. Check out the thrift shops downtown Savannah for an exciting shopping excursion. 

The Lady and Sons

This is a personal interest so skip over if you don't like Paula Dean. You're in the South y'all; you have to check out the queen of butter's shop. So many cute things and of course southern charm.

Any place with fried green tomatoes.

I HATE tomatoes. However, you have to try them if you never have. 

Wormsloe Plantation

First off, GORGEOUS. We had a full blown photoshoot because this place is pure magic. It was raining the day we went, and I honestly think it made it that much better. Also, if you've seen The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth's character's house was here. 


City Market

You get to see everything that Savannah has to offer. Honey, pralines, mom and pop stores, and so much more. 

The Savannah River Front

If you plan your trip right, you can land on the monthly farmers market. The cobblestone street and riverfront takes you to a happy place. Watching the ferry boats and walking by the booths of the farmers market was easily my favorite part of the trip.



Everyone loves a local gem. Leopold's is an amazing ice cream shop right in the heart of downtown. The best flavor is their signature Honey Almond Ice Cream. The line was wrapped around the corner and we waited for 40 minutes, and yes it's worth it. Did I mention this was our dinner that night?


Forrest Gump Bench

While the bench is no longer in Chippewa Square, it's so worth going. Do it for the gram right?



There are so many amazing things in Savannah, and these were just the things we did. I hope you share your experience with Savannah, GA too!