Her Life Travels: Nashville


Nashville, Tennessee is a place I've been dying to go to. So many of my favorite people live there and most of my friends have vacationed there. I am excited to share the places we went and what our favorite things to do were. 


*Each place is linked, just in case you want to learn more.

The Diner

This was a spontaneous visit because we got to Nashville at 5 a.m. and nothing else was open. This place was amazing. It was a multi story restaurant with varying menus for each floor, so cool! Definitely suggest checking this place out.

Smith Creek Moonshine Distillery

I've had moonshine before but it was homemade and definitely not at this caliber. This places flavors were amazing and the tasting was completely free! I'm down for trying new things, especially for free. 

Biscuit Love

I was so looking forward to this place and it didn't disappoint. However, I definitely should've ordered their special. I just got eggs and bacon so not that exciting, but those I was with got the chicken biscuit which was AMAZING. Worth the wait to eat and don't play it safe like I did. 

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

You can't go to Tennessee and not get BBQ. We stumbled upon this place simply by finding a parking spot and walking in. We quickly realized the long line meant it'd be good food. What we didn't realize was how cool the upstairs was. Upstairs has games, rooftop bars, and a stage which makes it a great place to eat and hang out.

Wild Beaver Saloon

We went to a handful of Broadway bars, but surprisingly our favorite was Wild Beaver Saloon on one of the side streets downtown. Their Beaver Brew Beer was surprisingly delicious, the karaoke was hilarious and the mechanical bull was a amazing. This was a fun bar with tons of games and entertainment and definitely worth a stop. 

Nashville, I will be back and can’t wait to see what else you got.