Love Yourself, It's Worth It.

Think about your girl crush, it can be a celebrity or simply your best friend. I already told you that mine is Stephanie May Wilson, a public figure but also someone that feels like a friend. What qualities does she have that you love or admire? For me, it's her passion, her confidence, and her silliness.  I want that, I want others to see those things in me. 

Now, think about yourself, what qualities would you use to describe yourself. Chances are you didn't use the same type of descriptors for yourself as you did your girl crush. Am I right? 

What I'm beginning to understand is something I've heard over and over again but refused to believe. You are capable of being anything you want to be. If you love those aspects of someone else, then what's stopping you from being those things? If it's your best friend you're describing, then chances are you already have a little bit of that in you. If it's your girl crush celebrity than why not use those as inspiration to live the life you want to live. 

We label ourselves and get down on ourselves all the time, and trust me I'm the worst at it. I want to love myself and want to have unbreakable self-confidence but to tell you the truth it takes work. I look at these girls I aspire to be like and try and figure out how to get there, and it all boils down to one thing. Love yourself. These women I look up to are confident and happy because they know who they are and accept themselves as they are imperfections and all. 

"I'm beautiful. There is no flaw in me." - Song of Songs 4:7

What you see as a flaw in yourself could be what someone else sees as beautiful. Showing self-love is the greatest strength. Don't limit yourself to others perceptions of you because the only one that matters is yours.  When you limit yourself from loving yourself, you limit yourself from the love you can give others. 

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