Keep Your Enemy Close


It's easy to keep those you love close by, showering them with love and compassion. The hard part is showing the same amount of love to those who have hurt you. 

"Love your neighbor as yourself" Mark 12:31

This could be the hardest commandment to live by. I always live by the motto "I like you until you wrong or hurt me." I am never one to dislike a person because they did something to someone I love. I may not agree with what they've done, but until you hurt me personally, I will have no opinion on you. I think this is a pretty good motto. However, it's not what He wants. 

He wants us to love everyone, wrong deeds and all. I'm bad about holding grudges; I admit it. Once someone hurts me it's hard to forgive him or her, and even harder to forget, if that's even possible. The fact of the matter though is that hating your enemy only hurts you. Everyone says it, but it's so true. They don't care if you dislike them it doesn't affect how they get out of bed every day. It will eat at you though. It will cause you to lose sleep, and it will cause you to miss out on potential laughter and smiles. 

There is a particular person I have in mind while I type this.  I make a choice every day to try and let it go. I say I don't care anymore; I say it's in the past. Do I believe it yet? No. I try my hardest to show them kindness and tell myself it'll all be okay because I know one day it will be.

I read a passage once that said something along the lines of "say you forgive them even if you don't quite yet. Eventually, you'll mean it. Eventually, you will believe it." So that's what I'm doing, I am choosing to show kindness, love and compassion towards all who have hurt me or angered me in hopes to one day actually be able to love ALL my neighbors as myself. 

So I challenge you to join me. Continue to shower your loved ones with kindness and compassion. More importantly though, show your enemy compassion, because while you may never be friends, you will one day stop being enemies. Once you no longer have enemies you will be living a life surrounded with acceptance and love. That's all He really wants anyway.