Spring Break Body

Every school year there comes a time where you're supposed to shed the baggy clothing and put on a bikini, this time is called Spring Break. This is a highly anticipated and dreaded time of year for some. One thing I loved about being in the Midwest is the fact that you can hide your not so spring break ready body under layers and layers of clothes for the months of winter. Although since spring is quickly approaching and layers begin to come off the realization that I need to put more work in at the gym is all too real. Since I'm from Florida and recently moved back, someone could ask you to join him or her for a beach day any time of the year. You pretty much have to have your spring break bod all year round.

Just because you should have a beach-ready body all year doesn’t mean it necessarily happens. There’s always the fad of getting your spring break body ready and its crazy hectic at the gym during February and March. Everyone’s preparing for the big spring break trip to Gulf Shores or wherever and no one wants to be the one with a bigger than usual beer gut. Our rec center had a spring break boot camp for people the month of February and beginning of March. The boot camp is for the more committed ones in my opinion, but another way to get fit for your beach vacay is to get a workout buddy and hold each other accountable! Say you are going on the Gulf Shores trip, grab one of your friends who is going with and have him or her workout with you so you both will look smokin' in your bathing suits come spring break. 

I feel like the whole spring break bod fad is bogus though, shouldn’t you be happy with your body all year round? If someone judges you for not getting in shape for a time you’re supposed to spend relaxing, then you shouldn’t waist your time on that person anyway. Don’t worry, if you don’t get to where you imagined you would be, and your spring break is right around the corner, just let loose and have fun. There’s no sense in worrying about your body all spring break when I’m sure you’re not the only one who didn’t make it to the gym before hitting the beach. Besides, you’re just going to ruin all your hard work once you start downing the Natty Lights and start eating cheap food.