Freshman Fifteen

Going to college everyone hears the horror stories regarding the freshman 15, but will you be the one to overcome the stereotype? Not only did I have the freshman 15 to worry about but also the dreaded Mizzou 22, as if 15 pounds wasn't terrifying enough I was being warned about 22. Everyone claims that they aren't going to be just another statistic that they will be the one to defeat the freshman 15; I was one of those people.

Given that I was from a beach town I was determined to not only overcome the freshman 15 but to come home for Thanksgiving break looking better than I did before leaving for college, but that’s not exactly what happened. As the first couple weeks of college flew by I kept saying "I'm just going to enjoy college" then break quickly approached and the reality set in that the first five pounds gained was no joke. I decided to try out the rec center, I mean after all, we have the number one rec facility in the country. I went once and then was so sore I didn't go back. I eventually concluded that its college and everyone is going to gain some weight.

At the beginning of the second semester I started going to the gym every day and eating healthy. However, I'm too scared to step on the scale and see if it has worked. My mentality between the first and second semester of my freshman year is completely different, the first semester I just wanted to have fun and didn't care about how healthy I was or wasn't. The second semester I decided to get my life together and work on my health not to prevent the freshman 15 but rather to make myself feel better inside and out.

If you are one of the people, who wants to maintain where you were the summer before college than do what I'm doing now in my second semester. I said screw it to all the crazy diets like juicing, pills and all those shenanigans and I eat what I want, but I try to make it to the rec or gym for at least 30 minutes a day six days a week. I didn't notice a drop in weight, but I didn't see a gain either. However, if you're trying to lose weight in college, do it the healthy way. Keep healthy snacks in your dorm or apartment that way you won't be tempted to eat unhealthy while in bed or at home. I liked meal prepping and made a weeks worth of healthy food in the dorm kitchen as a go-to instead of the college classic, ramen noodles.

People think that just by eating at the dining halls and going out to eat is the only reason people gain the freshman 15 but truthfully its because on a college campus you walk so much more so your metabolism speeds up, and you're hungry more often and eat more significant portions. Don't be scared to eat in college just eat the right things, and then you can splurge every once and a while. One of the best things to do in college is to accept the fact that the freshman 15 or Mizzou 22 is real and instead of ignoring it, use it as motivation.