If Pinterest Were My Closet

Confessions of a shopaholic relates to me on so many levels, however as a broke college student I have to live vicariously through Pinterest. Pinterest is like this magical world where there are beautiful clothes, delicious recipes, beauty hacks, DIY projects and literally anything you can imagine. My favorite and least favorite part of Pinterest however is that all of the ridiculously stylish and trendy clothes aren’t actually hanging in my closet. I’ve put together every thought I’ve had going through my Pinterest feed looking at fashion.


Real Life Movie

Every single movie or TV show, whether it’s based on an “average girl” or a trendsetter, has closets that are never ending. You will never see a repeat outfit or repeat item of clothing. I wouldn’t mind being able to have a never-ending closet.


Shoes for Every Mood

Shoes are everything. Whether its casual booties, killer pumps, or comfy sandals shoes are a never ending pit of happiness. I have probably an unhealthy obsession with shoes and wish I could have a pair of shoes for every outfit. Is that a bad thing? I’m going to go with no.


Dress to Impress

No matter what career path your on or striving for you have some pins that you think of as your killer work clothes.  I always save outfits that remind me of what Carrie Bradshaw would wear as a CEO. I have big dreams of strutting through a Manhattan high-rise office rocking a hot pencil skirt with a stunning blouse and some killer pumps.


Beach Babes

 Living in Florida means its always bikini season and that means I don’t mind pinning bikinis all year round. Honestly, if you have the perfect bikini than it doesn’t matter if you reached your perfect beach bod right?



No matter where we are at with our fitness goals we all have a board dedicated to the cutest and newest fitness fashion. Can a girl never have too many leggings? I would be ecstatic to even own half the yoga pants on my Pinterest. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear yoga pants at least six out of seven days a week.


Casual Cute

Real talk when someone says dress casual I show up in leggings and a somewhat nice V-neck. The amount of fashion-forward casual outfits on Pinterest is inspiring. I sit here and wish that my friends and I could strut our stuff in a comfy cute cardigan with the newest riding boots and some brand new jeans, but in all honesty, it wouldn’t happen.


Maybe if my Pinterest board were hanging in my closet then I’d be that trendsetter on campus. My dreams could be possible to follow in Carrie Bradshaw’s footsteps if I could just own all my pins. Until then I’m going to just keep daydreaming about all the beautiful clothes that I will probably never own. Unfortunately, my Pinterest addiction will probably never end, so peace, love and Pinterest fashion.