New Year, New Me

With 2016 quickly coming to end everyone is beginning to think about what his or her resolutions will be. Everyone thinks of the basic ones like lose weight or save money or what ever but no one ever keeps them. I made one resolution last year that I think made a positive impact on my life , however I didn’t keep up with it. This New Year I’m deciding to make resolutions that I will want to keep, resolutions that will make a difference.


Leaving all ill feelings towards people in 2016. This was the one I worked on as my 2016 resolution and started off well but fell short. It is essentially worthless to hold onto grudges, it has no effect on the other person but only brings a bad feeling to yourself. This New Year decided to forgive all who have wronged you and choose to move forward and to not look back. 


Focus on yourself. People are afraid of seeming self centered and seen as selfish but taking some time to focus on yourself is important. Everybody needs a little time to sit back and think about what they need to make themselves happy. Allowing 2017 to be a year for you to figure out what’s important to you will make all the difference. 


Be healthy AND happy. Everyone wants to be skinnier or have more muscles but don’t focus on how fast it can happen. Make 2017 the year you make realistic changes to become healthier but not go so extreme that you hate doing it. Figure out what’s best for you to get healthy but don’t sacrifice your happiness while doing it. 


Focus on your next steps. Set goals for yourself and what you want to accomplish. The goals don’t have to be big but it gives you something to focus your spare time. As a college student I have to figure out what I’m going to do in terms of getting a job after I graduate I want to use 2017 as a way to accomplish things that will better my future. 


New Years Eve, while a fun and alcohol filled night, is something that represents turning over a new leaf. This New Year I’m spending the time to put myself first, to make this year the best one yet. 

LifeAshley Albers