A Letter From An Empowered Deplorable

I am a proud Republican who supported Donald J. Trump. This is not saying I think he was the perfect candidate for President. However, he was the candidate I most agreed with. This is not a Pro-Trump article; this is a Pro-America article. I was thrilled by the results of the election, although that was short lived and I began feeling disgusted and disappointed. No matter someone’s political views we are all American, we are all apart of the same nation and should be proud of it no matter what the outcome.


While scrolling through social media the following morning of the election, I was disgusted. People who claim to be patriotic citizens of this country are standing on the street burning the American flag in protest of Trump as the President-elect. Say what you want about Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, but I think its safe to say neither of them would sit there and burn an American flag or destroy one of our symbols of freedom. If people believe in what our country stands for and the grounds for which it was created then they should be smart enough to know that with every presidential election comes the chance that we elect a lying politician. Politicians lie, and there’s no way around that, however, it is up to Americans to decide who they think is being the truer of the two candidates. This year America decided to elect a businessman, someone not typically expected for president. Instead of tearing down his supporters and protesting what the majority of your fellow Americans voted for, everyone around America should be rallying around each other in hopes that Trump holds up his end of the bargain and deliver on unifying the country.


The fact that people can sit here and tear down other people just because of their opinions is deplorable. This country was founded on freedom, freedom to express everyone’s opinion. The looks I got when people found out I was a Trump supporter were looks of disgust and dissatisfaction. I never once said an ill word about one of my friends that supported Hilary Clinton, nor did I try to tear them down. However, my friends were never too shy to ask how I could vote for Trump, someone they called a monster. People like to refer to Republicans as “misogynists, racists, homophobes, gunslingers, religious nuts, and uneducated people.” The real uneducated people in this country are the ones who expect everyone to agree on all the same things. I am a republican however I am not racists, I am not a homophobe, I am proud and determined of my education, I do not shove religion down peoples throats, and I am a supporter of gender equality. It genuinely upset me when people were disgusted with me because I was a woman and I wasn’t going to vote for the female candidate. Everyone’s opinion matters and everyone’s opinion should be valued. I think it is almost impossible to say that their will ever be a candidate that someone 100% agrees with unless you are running for President. 


If you call yourself an American, you should back whoever is in office claiming to unify our country. If Hilary were to be elected, you wouldn’t see my so-called misogynistic family members or me burning the American flag in protest. Every election has a winner and a loser; we should all be thrilled that Trump gave a gracious and well-spoken victory speech that should inspire us for the next four years. Both candidates had a rough and hard-fought campaign and Republicans, Democrats and everyone in-between should be proud of their candidates. Although, all the people on the street protesting Trump and tearing down the people who voted for him should take a step back and think about why they call themselves Americans. As Americans, we should be the definition of patriotic, devoted love, support, and defense of one's country.

LifeAshley Albers