Feeling Philanthropic

There are many reasons why to join a Greek organization in college but, have you ever considered which is the most important? No matter what you may think, in all cases, the most critical aspect of a Greek organization is their philanthropy. Sisterhood/brotherhood, socials, t-shirts and all those other things are great, but everything you do is supposed to work towards your philanthropy. During recruitment, girls surf Greek rank, and social media stalk the chapters at their school but what they really should be doing is researching every philanthropy. One thing I can promise is you won't get the most out of your sorority or fraternity unless you can fully support and love your philanthropy. I decided to share my tips for figuring out which philanthropy is best for you.


Family/friend Connection

Having a family connection to specific philanthropy can be a huge factor for some people. I had a family connection to Sigma Kappa’s Alzheimer philanthropy, Alpha Chi Omegas Domestic Abuse philanthropy; I also had links to Zeta Tau Alpha’s Breast Cancer Education and Awareness through multiple close friends. All of these are fantastic things to work towards and raise awareness for! Seeing as I had a connection to them it made it so much easier to see myself putting effort towards raising money and awareness for these causes, therefore making my philanthropy side of the organization fulfilling.


Personal Interest

Even if you don’t have a specific connection to a philanthropy doesn’t mean it’s not for you. You can be interested in a certain cause just because you know something about it and think it would be amazing to help raise awareness. My example for this one would be Delta Delta Delta’s St. Jude’s Hospital and Chi Omegas Make A Wish. I don’t have a direct connection to either of the philanthropies. However, I found both of these extremely interesting and loved hearing about all the kids they would be helping. Even if you had a connection to the philanthropy, you would still need to love the cause or be interested in it to make it fulfilling and get the most out of it.


Bettering yourself

Being a part of philanthropies are awesome ways to not only make a difference in the world but to better yourself. By devoting even a small part of your time to philanthropic efforts, you can gain awareness, you wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else. An organization like the Pan-Hellenic Councils Circle of Sisterhood gives members off all PHA sororities the opportunity to help educate girls around the world. You could learn so much by helping educate other women around the world; it’s a way to make a difference and gain new knowledge.


When going through recruitment, I highly suggest placing an enormous emphasis on the chapter’s philanthropy. If you can’t see yourself putting your efforts on bettering their philanthropy or bettering yourself through working with their philanthropy, then I suggest going with another chapter. It doesn’t matter the chapter's reputation or who has the most likes on Instagram, choosing a sorority should have to do with the impact you can have on organizations outside the chapter itself. 

LifeAshley Albers